Secure your Maid Insurance in Singapore and Avoid Fraud

Securing a Maid Insurance secures your maid, your home and your life. But what happens when that security is a fraud? To the extent that there are good and honest companies out there, there is always room for deception. If you are serious in fulfilling your responsibility, you could also take control to avoid problems, you never know, the next victim of fraud could be you, and that is the last thing you want to happen. Follow these tips and be safe from fraud.

If you are dealing with an insurance company or an agent alone, discuss the one you are dealing with. Do not easily accept offers and take time to consider and ask around. Anything that needs your signature needs triple checking by you, a knowledgeable friend or a family member or a third party. Whatever agreement you enter, make it legal and formal and make sure there is someone who can go after something goes wrong.

Update your cleaning insurance regularly. Do not entertain agents who ask for personal money. Always pay directly to the insurance company, accredited paying address or by check directed to the company. Review your statements and review your agreement with the contract you have. They should always match, from terms to prices.
As for the employer, the insurance plan may include cover against financial losses and medical reimbursements involving the maid. Some even extend to the loss incurred when a maid leaves because of the natural inability to work as accidents. Extended plans even include coverage for a third party’s damage in the event of an accident. A good plan offers coverage of a re-hiring rate of an agency due to the loss of cleanliness of any natural reason. Apart from insurance policies that may vary, the employer is insured to handle any type of loss or accident the employee may encounter in the future.

For your part, make sure there can be no place for doubt, especially when you are consuming your insurance coverage. If your maid has been hospitalized, request a record that has a detailed account of the medical history and charges. If there has been an injury or accident, secure an authorized witness. By doing so, you can be sure to get your repayments by leaving the insurance company without hesitation.
If your insurance is finally consumed, whether by accident or medical check bills, always request a detailed statement to make claims about the verifiable insurance company and repayments, faster. Some insurance companies take time to return their investments to make sure that all valid tests so they have no reason to delay the process.

Maid insurance guarantees your careful attention and intelligent thinking. If you are genuinely concerned about your maid and your future, then fulfill your obligations as a vigilant employer and citizen. Always be careful
You are insuring cleaning insurance for your gain and not for any loss. So, take time in choosing a plan, a company or the payment of your statements. As a concerned citizen, it is always worth being alert and guarding your rights. Fulfill your responsibility, secure your future and secure your safety.

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