Payment Gateway U.A.E Integration Into E-Commerce Website

Payment gateway integration

It is very easy to get the integration of payment entry into any e-commerce website. To get the payment gateways you need to satisfy some basic things. They are: e-commerce website with well-defined business type and merchant account. With these company documents and management identities must be submitted to any provider offering payment gateway services in U.A.E.

Payment Gateways

With the help of payment gateways one can sell their services or merchandise around the world and attract customers from all over the world. It is a boon to sellers and customers as well as they can order their products interested in no time without moving from their seats.

From movie tickets and events to exam fees or energy bills anything can be paid online through paid gateways. With the increase of ecommerce use baby clothes, baby food, home groceries, jewelry to the latest electronic goods can be ordered.

Payment gateway in U.A.E

To get a payment gateway in U.A.E customers have to pay installation fee which is one time and non refundable. With this is created a merchant account that is associated with the bank acc of the e-commerce website and is given an API for the integration of the payment input. To integrate the payment gateway it is necessary to program the basics at least instead of being an expert in technology. There are different plans available for the payment gateway: basic and advanced plans. These plans depend on the number of transactions that are possible through the website. Annual renewals and commission per transaction depend on negotiations with sellers. The whole process takes about a month to make it happen.

With the integration of the payment gateway after the customer chooses his services or goods, he goes to the seller’s page where the transaction can be carried out safely. Once the transaction is done again the e-commerce website is displayed with the purchase and transaction details. Before taking the pay gateway yes website publishers should opt for what kind of transactions happen. The types available are national credit cards, international credit cards, internal debit cards, international cards and net banking. The choice can be made according to online visitors. Few sites with local events can have only local customers, so it is better to opt for national cards instead of adding international cards as well as international cards debuting higher commissions.

The commissions for each transaction differ with credit cards, debit cards and net of the bank. So before opting for any payment gateway you have to choose carefully depending on your budget and online visitors.

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